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When was your first colonoscopy?

I don’t mean to brag, but there’s probably only one other person I know who has had a colonoscopy before 40!

I am newly 37 and headed in for one on Friday the 13th.  Who am I?  What is going on?

Well, I know who I am, luckily, but, alas, I have no idea what is going on, hence the scheduled Colonoscopy and Upper GI Endoscopy that awaits today!

The prep was blech, but do-able.


Digestive Disease Physicians gets a huge shout out for taking such good care of me today.

And Ja for being a trooper.  O’Dark thirty pick up, waiting in the waiting room, all that went with getting me out the door, French Toast as soon as we got home, and allowing me to nap, most importantly!

And Dad for the jello!

And Stu for texting with me during my prep.  Always there for the play-by-play, always appreciated!


Medical Musings by LES

After the doctor appointment I had this morning, it’s officially time to go public with my Medical Musings blog, so….


As you may or may not know, I have had three (3) open-heart surgeries, four (4) wisdom teeth pulled, one (1) hysterectomy (TLH) and two (2) ovaries removed – oh and a (1) cardiac ablation and two (2) cardioversions, too.  That’s 13 procedures and 10 anesthesias.

“So,” you ask, “why then, Little Lauren, did you have to go to the gynecologist’s office today?”

Well, I’ll always have two boobs, at least I hope, and they need a little love, too.  So today Dr. S checked ’em out and ordered me to have a “baseline mammogram” and a bone density scan done ASAP.

What we found out with his nurse before doc even entered the room, tho, was that my blood pressure was 132/60.  SAY WHAT?  I am on a beta blocker which is meant to keep my BP low and my heart not working overtime, and my BP is religiously 90/60 if not lower, so I panicked and needless to say told that poor nurse “Oh No, You MUST do that again!”

So, in the other arm, BAM, a perfect 90/56!  Ha!  What’d I say!?

I am overdue for “routine labs” so I high-tailed it (after a client) up to 2021 K Street to LabCorp.  I get labs drawn 4 floors above my cardiologists office, so I stopped there, too.  I am writing this in the waiting room of her office as I paraded in here demanding a look-see & a listen-to!

Lessons Learned Today:

There is no time like the present to take care of yourself.  

No one else will do it for you.  

It’s our only real job that we have been hired to do without even having an interview or buying a suit!

Dr. Ross Visit 6.27.12

I had an appointment with Dr. Ross today.  She wanted to ensure no flutter.  There was indeed no flutter!

As the EKG is spitting out she said “Oh, phew, this looks good” and went on and on about how good Dr. Berul and Dr. John did with me in my ablation procedure, so that was reassuring.  (I’m overseeing Dr. John’s move tomorrow!  First my cardiologist, now my client!)

We are a little worried, tho, about 1) my thyroid (a menopause thing, new issue!) and 2)  my daytime sleepiness.

The fact that I can sleep from 2-4p.m. like it’s midnight is a little discomforting.  Like, everyday!  Not fall asleep at the wheel or anything, but if I see downtime, I go down like a baby due for a nap!

She did a bunch of labs and depending on numbers, I will go for the sleep study to see if I am getting any “sleep” at night or what’s going on to explain daytime tiredness.  I’m far from lazy but certainly don’t think I’d survive a 9-5 starting tomorrow that’s for sure!

So….we hurry up and wait some more.  BP was VERY low and so she thinks I may come off the Toprol, depending.

It’s been written, I am writing the sequel!


Why don’t you journal all this stuff?

As a dear friend once said (ok, today!) “Why don’t you journal all this stuff? I mean after all, there probably are a lot of people who’ve gone thru this who can appreciate your insight.”

OK – so here I am.  I joked while hospitalized for my latest surgery that I’d write a book about all of this and this just may be the start.  Stay tuned.  Am thinking of where to begin, what to mention, what to leave out, etc.,etc.!